Funds For Nur


A young, 8 year boy Nur along with his uncle Mahammad Nasiott who reside in Assam, India are currently in Hampton Roads. Operation Smile brought Nur here free of charge to perform surgery on him to correct his Cleft Lip and Nasal deformities. For the complete operation, he has to stay here in Hampton Roads for one year. A kind hearted Phillipino couple has welcomed them to stay at their home for the entirety of the operation. Mrs. Singh was first introduced to him at India Fest 2010, in Norfolk. He was introduced on the stage and some funds were collected for him. Later on, with the efforts of Crescent Community Center, Virginia Beach and Masjad William Salaam, Norfolk, some more funds were raised.


Mrs. Singh, the President of Citizens First Inc. constantly visits Nur and his Uncle and provides them with their native food and warm conversations to make them feel at home. Mrs. Singh says "It feels good to see uncle Nassie laugh heartily during the conversations about his family, especially his wife and receiving occasional hugs from little Nur."