Funds for Nur (Operation Smile): Nur is young boy from Assam, India, who has facial deformity, a nose open from all sides and a partially closed mouth. Operation Smile has agreed to help perform surgery on him. But for the duration of his stay in the Hampton Roads, he needs financial help.

Clean Water in Khori, Rajasthan: Installed clean water RO system purifier in the village Khori, Rajasthan, India. The water in the village is undrinkable with 87% Fluroide content and has given the populace life crippling diseases. This effort eased the agony of the people in the village.

Funds for Inayatulla Ahmadzai
: Inayatulla Ahmadzai is an Afghan national who lost both his limbs while helping U.S. forces fight the Taliban. Citizens First raised 
$10,000 for the Afghan solider.

Funds for Rani Trivedi: Rani Trivedi was a young cancer patient in India. Citizens First raised Rs. 12 Lac ($25,000) in funds for her treatment.

Funds for the Orphans of the Iraq and Afghan Wars: Citizens First raised funds for the Orphans of the Iraq and Afghan Wars 

Justice For Sandeep: Citizens First is providing funds and fighting for justice and preserving human rights for Sandeep against racial profiling and discrimination.  

Clean Water in Malsisar, Rajasthan: Installed clean water RO system purifier in the village Malsisar, Rajasthan, India. This helped the deprived classes to have drinking water which otherwise was not made available to them by higher classes. The lower class can now freely drink water which was not available to them for ages.

Housing Compensation: Helped tenants of housing project declared "Not fit to Reside" by the city of Portsmouth. The US Dept. for Housing and Development, HUD responded to the efforts of Citizens First by sending compensatory funds to each tenant.

School in Sainik Farms: Adopted a poor children's school in Delhi, India. 

Fund raising for Asian Tsunami Relief: Raised funds and donated blankets for the victims of Asian Tsunami. The funds and the blankets were handed over to Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, India.

International Youth Conference on Terrorism: Citizens First actively participated in the conference.

Citizens First office bearers regularly meet high profile dignitaries to gather support for various causes.