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Clean Water for Khori

Khori village in Rajasthan gets RO System Plant for potable drinking water through the efforts of Citizens First Inc. a not-for-profit organization headed by Mrs. Jagdish A. Singh. The plant was opened by Dr. Chip Don Plunkett of New York on November 13, 2O1O who contributed half of the funds for the plant. Part of the funds were also donated by Tuni Singh and her husband Allan Wykle.

The water in district Jhunjhunu is undrinkable and contaminated with 87% Fluroide content. This high level of Fluroide has given the populace life crippling diseases. The RO System Plan installation has eased the agony of the people residing in that area. The plant is set to serve 1.500 Dalits of Village Khori. The Panchayats assured Mrs. Singh that the people of any caste, creed or color could get the water without any prejudices. At the opening ceremony, all assembled par took the purified water and blessed the organization with tears of joy trickling down their cheeks.

Citizens First Inc. has thus far installed three plants at the total cost of $30,000. Each Plant costs around $10,000. Citizens Fitst Inc. plans on installing a total of 20 RO System Plants in the district of Jhunjhunu near Malsisar. The village panchayats were exhorted to provide for the shed to house the machines and the maintenance and electric charges were to be their responsibility.