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Justice For Sandeep

Citizen’s First, with untiring efforts of Mrs. Singh, helped Sandeep, a young man from India who got in trouble with the law in America for something which Citizen First believes that he did not do. 

Sandeep’s saga began when he arrived from India on an exchange student program in 2008 to gain first hand experience in the Hospitality industry. When he arrived at a well known Water Park, the management decided that he was not ‘presentable’ because of his turban and beard which were part of his religious identity. They gave him a non-customer facing job, that of a Janitor and was asked to clean toilets and take out the garbage as part of his internship.

One day since the water park was short of staff they all of a sudden reassigned Sandeep to work as a water slide operator without any formal training. His job would be to help customers get on and get off the water slide. The first day, while he was doing his job, which was tho push the slide with the customers when the signal was green and to pull them back when it was red, some girls misconstrued his job and perceived that he was intentionally touching them inappropriately, which was not true.

Sandeep’s story came to the attention of Mrs. Jagdish Singh and Citizens First when they were contacted by Sandeep's brother from India. Even though Sandeep was a total stranger to Citizens First, on hearing his story, Citizens First believed in his innocence and decided to help him. When Mrs. Singh visited Sandeep in the Virginia Peninsula Jail, she found him in a miserable state. He did not have money to even buy the basic daily necessities. Nor did he have the means to hire a good lawyer to defend him in the court of law. Citizens First took up his case and are devoted resources to ensure that Sandeep’s story was heard and the misunderstanding was resolved. In December 2009, after 2 years of Sandeep being in jail and the constant efforts of Citizens First, Sandeep was sent to India and finally he was united with his family. First time in 2 years, he was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2010 in the company of his loved ones.